About The Thin Controller

Welcome to the blog of the Thin Controller.

The Thin Controller is a railway manager, but he would like his employers to know that he doesn’t actually blog about trains. Often. And if he does, they’re other people’s trains. Probably.

The Thin Controller blogs about anything which interests him, which include politics, freedom of information, housing, beer, food and the stupid names people give their children.

He likes beer, sane and rational people, proper dogs, food, freedom of speech, and coffee. He dislikes Tories, Old Etonians, monarchists, Nigel Farage, conspiracy theories, people who think we should live our lives according to the beliefs of some bronze-age nomads, Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, people who have too many children and small yappy-type dogs.

The Thin Controller lives in one of the sticky-outy bits of England with his wife, too many children, and a small yappy-type dog.


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